Tokina Unveils New Vista-P Prime T1.5 Series for Cinematic Creators

Tokina Cinema Announces New Vista-P Prime T1.5 Series

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Tokina Cinema Announces New Vista-P Prime T1.5 Series

Tokina Cinema is proud to announce the launch of the new Vista-P Prime T1.5 Series, enabling cinematographers and filmmakers to explore more creative opportunities. This prime lens series is designed for large format cinematography, offering full frame coverage with superb image performance.

Designed around the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount, the Vista-P Prime T1.5 lenses support all contemporary digital and analog cameras. The lenses feature a common 95mm front diameter and gear positions with no lens length changes. They also have the industry-standard X reading, for lens plug-ins and support systems.

The lenses feature common optical and mechanical parameters between all focal lengths, as well as precise and repeatable focus and aperture calibration. They offer superior flare control, low distortion, and rich color rendition – all essential for cinematic images. The Vista-P Prime T1.5 series comes with illuminated, dual scale focusing and iris rings, with hard stops, and calibrated scales in feet and meters for accurate and fast focusing.

The Vista-P Prime T1.5 lens series is ideal for documentary, narrative, commercial, and music video work. The durable metal construction of the lenses makes them suitable for use in challenging environments. The lenses are supplied in robust, lightweight flight cases for easy storage and transport.

The Vista-P Prime T1.5 Series is available now, with focal lengths ranging from 14mm to 135mm. Each lens in the series is available for rent or purchase, depending on your creative needs.

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