Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

15 Father’s Day Gifts for Less than $50

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15 Father’s Day Gifts for Less than $50

Everyone loves to feel appreciated, especially on Father’s Day! These gifts won’t break the bank but still show you care. Here are 15 Father’s Day gifts for under $50, so you can choose something unique and special for your Dad.

1. An indoor herb garden

An indoor herb garden is an easy and inexpensive way to add some green into Dad’s life. All you need is some potting mix, a few herbs, and a container. With basic care, Dad can enjoy the harvest of fresh aromatic herbs in no time!

2. Personalized coffee mug

If Dad is the kind of person who loves to sip a hot drink, then a personalized coffee mug is the ideal Father’s Day gift. Finding the perfect mug isn’t hard – there are plenty of different styles available, and you can find one to match his personality. With a personalized message on the mug, you show Dad that you care.

3. A set of tools

If Dad loves to DIY, then he’ll appreciate a set of tools for his hobby. From a hammer and screwdriver to a drill and saw, there are plenty of tools available for under $50. Dad will love to put his new tools to work and you’ll make him proud!

4. A wireless speaker

Going wireless is the way to go nowadays, and a wireless speaker is a great way for Dad to enjoy music in the comfort of his own home. With bluetooth connectivity and a waterproof design, a wireless speaker is the perfect gift for the tech-savvy Dad.

5. A book about his favorite actor or director

Finding the perfect book for Dad on Father’s Day isn’t difficult if you know what he likes. Look for a book about his favorite actor or director; it’s a thoughtful and cheap way to show him you care. Plus, Dad can spend time reading about his favorite person!

6. A subscription box

These days there are subscription boxes for just about anything, and they make great gifts! Pick a subscription box that suits Dad’s interests – like a beer of the month club for the beer lover – and you’ll give Dad something to look forward to every month.

7. A cool T-shirt

Is Dad a hipster, a sports fan, or simply a lover of quality fashion? Find a cool T-shirt that will fit his style, and you’ve got the perfect Father’s Day gift. No matter what his tastes, you can find something special for less than $50.

8. A hobby kit

What better way to say “I care” than buying Dad a hobby kit? From making beer to building a model car, you can find a kit for any interest. It’s a great way to show Dad that you appreciate his hobbies.

9. A Bluetooth keyboard

Is Dad a fan of gadgets? Give him a Bluetooth keyboard for his tablet or phone. It’ll come in handy for work and entertainment, so Dad can type his emails, play his games, and watch movies in comfort.

10. A homemade coupon book

If you’re on a budget, a homemade coupon book is an excellent Father’s Day gift. Create coupons for things like housework, free hugs, free meals, and other favors – Dad will love the thought and effort you put into making him this special book of coupons.

11. A Bluetooth turntable

The gift of music is always a good idea, especially if Dad loves collecting records. Give him a Bluetooth turntable and he can play all his favorite tunes in the comfort of his own home. He’ll enjoy spending time listening to his favorite music albums again.

12. A whiskey decanter set

Add a touch of class to Dad’s bar corner with a whiskey decanter set. It’ll make a great centerpiece for any gathering and it’s sure to be admired by Dad’s friends. Plus, you can find sets for under $50 so it won’t break the bank.

13. A BBQ basket

What Dad doesn’t love a BBQ? Give him a gift basket of barbecue tools, sauces, spices, and snacks and he’ll appreciate the effort. It’s a great way to get Dad started on the perfect barbecuing season.

14. A beer brewing kit

If Dad is an at-home brewer, then a beer brewing kit is the ultimate Father’s Day gift. For less than $50, you can get a kit that includes all the supplies Dad needs to make beer. He’ll love experimenting with new recipes and ingredients and showing off his creations to his friends.

15. An engraved personalized wallet

If you want to give Dad an extra special gift, then an engraved personalized wallet is the way to go. Put a personalized message or his initials on the wallet, and he’ll appreciate this custom gift each time he grabs it from his pocket.

These 15 gifts are sure to make Dad feel extra special this Father’s Day! No matter your budget, these unique gifts will show Dad the love you have for him.

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