The Ultimate Professional Camera for 4K Cinematic Videos: Z Cam E2-M4

Z CAM E2-M4 Professional 4K Cinema Camera E1511 B&H Photo Video

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Z CAM E2-M4 Professional 4K Cinema Camera

Z CAM E2-M4 Professional 4K Cinema Camera from B&H Photo Video is a great choice for all your cinema needs. This camera will allow you to capture high-resolution footage in an affordable way that will amaze your audiences. This camera is designed to provide versatility in a variety of settings with its 4K resolution, recording capability, and low-light performance. With an interchangeable lens mount, you can customize your shots for the best possible quality.

Housed in a lightweight magnesium alloy body, the E2-M4 is perfect for run-and-gun scenarios. The camera also features a full-frame 32.5MP Sensor and 8-Stops of Dynamic Range. With these features you can create stunning visuals with detailed textures and vibrant colors. The camera can shoot up to 30FPS in 4K, 12fps in 6K, and 120fps in 2.7K.

One of the key features of the E2-M4 is the large array of integrated controls. You can customize and adjust the camera based on your specific shooting scenario. The control panel features a large 5.0-inch touchscreen display which enables you to control all camera settings. The camera also has an auto white balance tool which ensures accurately balanced colors in any given lighting situation. Additionally, the camera features numerous ports including USB Type-C and two HDMI ports, compartmentalized to reduce clutter.

The Z CAM E2-M4 Professional 4K Cinema Camera is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable and feature-packed camera. With its clean design, powerful components, and extensive controls this camera will take your cinematic visuals to the next level. Have a look and pick it up from B&H Photo Video to create awe-inspiring content.

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