The Ultimate Guide to Seeing the Northern Lights

Your Northern Lights Travel Guide

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Your Northern Lights Travel Guide

Northern Lights, one of the world’s natural wonders, can be seen with the naked eye in some of the world’s most remote places. If you’re planning a trip to experience this amazing phenomenon, you can take advantage of this northern lights travel guide to help you plan the perfect trip. We’ll provide you with tips on the best places to see the Northern Lights, the best time of year to see them, and the best activities to fill your trip.

Where to See the Northern Lights?

As the northernmost places on earth have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights, the Arctic region is the ideal destination. Canada’s Northwest Territories and Yukon, Greenland, Alaska, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Finland are some of the most popular spots. You can often see the Aurora Borealis, as the Northern Lights are also known, further south in Europe and North America, but the farther north you go, the bigger your chances. You can also see the Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights, in Antarctica and the surrounding region.

Best Times to View the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis can be seen from September to March. The best time is between December and February, when the skies are usually dark and clear. The longest nights are usually in December and January, increasing the chances of sightings. It is also important to check the solar activity forecast – the more active, the more intense and regular the Aurora can be.

Activities When Visiting the Northern Lights

There are many activities available to travelers who want to explore the Arctic regions that are home to the northern lights. You can explore the cities and rural areas, take part in winter sports activities, do some bird watching, whale watching, and explore the art and culture of the indigenous people. You can also spend the day simply relaxing, and visit museums and galleries. When the night comes, you can go out to look for the northern lights and take amazing photographs.


Exploring the Arctic regions to witness the Northern Lights is an amazing experience, and this northern lights travel guide will help you plan your trip. We provided you with information on where to go, when to go, and what activities to do when you’re there, so you can make the most of your time and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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