The Story of Adobe’s Pioneering Evangelist, Russell Preston Brown

Adobe's First Evangelist: Russell Preston Brown

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Adobe’s First Evangelist: Russell Preston Brown

The entrepreneurial spirit of Russell Preston Brown helped shape the creative industry. Russell Preston Brown is a true pioneer in the creative industry – not only for his incredible work on Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and other Adobe software, but also for being the first evangelist at Adobe. Joining the company in 1989, Brown quickly rose to prominence as the most vocal advocate for Adobe’s creative products. As Adobe’s global creative director, he used his infectious energy and creativity to engage audiences around the world and inspire them to leverage technology to realize their creative vision.

From advertising to artistry, Russell Preston Brown has had a multifaceted career. His expansive role at Adobe has included headline-grabbing work with industry stars such as Tony Hawk, Kid Cudi and Pharrell Williams, acting as a judge on Lifetime’s reality TV series “Project Runway: Threads,” and more. This is in addition to his creative pursuits as an actor, songwriter and toy designer. He is a sought-after speaker on creativity and technology, and regularly hosts seminars, workshops and educational webinars.

Adobe has been the beneficiary of Russell Preston Brown’s creativity. Brown’s enthusiasm for Adobe’s products is evident in his work with the company. One of his most popular contributions is his “That’s Quick” series of instructional videos. It’s no exaggeration to say that Adobe would not be the powerhouse it is today without Brown’s contributions. He is credited with creating the original “Creative Suite” package of Adobe’s software, thus revolutionizing the way creative professionals work.

Russell Preston Brown has become an icon in the creative industry. His influence is as widespread as his impressive work portfolio. Brown continues to make inspiring rhetoric, giving lectures and workshops at many of the world’s top creative events. He has also had an impressive run in the entertainment industry, acting in such feature films as “The Intern,” “Get Smart” and “Pineapple Express.”

Russell Preston Brown is a perfect example of what Adobe stands for. From his pioneering spirit to his commitment to helping others charge forward in their creative journey, Brown exemplifies the optimism and creativity that Adobe encourages. Brown’s audacity to take big risks and big steps has opened the doors for countless other innovators, and Adobe is extremely proud to have him as the company’s first and most memorable evangelist.

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