The Shoulder Rig: The Unsung Hero of Filmmaking

The Shoulder Rig: An Underrated Filmmaking Gem

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The Shoulder Rig: An Underrated Filmmaking Gem

Filmmaking equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, but one tool that often gets overlooked is the shoulder rig.

Why Use a Shoulder Rig?

Using a shoulder rig can greatly improve the stability of your shots, allowing you to capture smoother and more professional-looking footage.

Benefits of Using a Shoulder Rig

Shoulder rigs are versatile and can be used in a variety of shooting situations, making them a valuable tool for any filmmaker.

Increased Comfort

Shoulder rigs are designed to distribute the weight of your camera, making it more comfortable to shoot for longer periods of time.

Added Control and Maneuverability

By placing the camera on your shoulder, you have better control and can easily move and adjust the position of the camera while shooting.

Considerations When Using a Shoulder Rig

It’s important to practice proper form and technique when using a shoulder rig to avoid strain and fatigue.


Overall, the shoulder rig is a versatile and valuable tool for filmmakers, providing increased stability, comfort, and control while shooting.

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