The Next-Gen Nucleus Nano II Lens Control System: An Upgrade by Tilta

Tilta Introduces the Redesigned Nucleus Nano II Lens Control System

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Tilta Introduces the Redesigned Nucleus Nano II Lens Control System

Tilta has once again proven its excellence in filmmaking equipment with the sleek redesign of the Nucleus Nano II lens control system. The Nucleus Nano II is a motorized lens control system that enables filmmakers to get precise and fluid motor speed when operating lenses such as the Zeiss CP.2 and Canon EF lenses. The Nucleus Nano II builds upon the features of its predecessor, the Nucleus Nano, while introducing new and improved features that make it the perfect tool for any filmmaker.

One of the most notable upgrades with the Nucleus Nano II is the addition of silent motors.The system has two silent, worm-drive motors that provide the same level of accuracy and repeatability as you would expect from a larger lens control system. The motors are also much quieter, making them ideal for sound-sensitive shoots.

The Nano II also features improved accuracy and speed. With high-precision encoders and smarter motor algorithms, the Nano II delivers smooth, accurate control every time you use it. The motors are also faster, allowing you to make quick adjustments when operating lenses such as Canon’s 24-105mm F4L IS II USM.

The Nano II also has an improved design and user interface. The redesigned body is more lightweight and compact, making it easy to fit into any professional or handheld rig. The user interface has also been revamped with new features like an OLED display, dedicated buttons for quick access, and a rotation speed dial that gives you finer control of the motor speed.

The Nucleus Nano II is a powerful and versatile lens control system that is designed to make your life easier. It is a great choice for filmmakers who want to take their lens control to the next level. Whether you are operating prime lenses like the Zeiss CP.2 or zoom lenses like the Canon 24-105mm F4L, the Nucleus Nano II is a great tool for taking your filmmaking to a whole new level.

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