The Fiilex P3L: The Bright 90W Ellipsoidal Light for Perfectly Detailed Shots

Fiilex P3L Ellipsoidal Light (90W/36-Degrees)

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Using Fiilex P3L Ellipsoidal Light – 90W/36-Degrees

Strong and consistent light output for any setting. The Fiilex P3L Ellipsoidal is the perfect light for any situation. It offers both tungsten and daylight color temperatures, along with variable wattage and beam angle control in the same easy-to-use fixture. The P3L Ellipsoidal is a 90W/36-degree light with numerous adjustable features, making it a great choice for multiple lighting situations.

A versatile, high-quality light. The P3L produces a beautiful, natural looking light, while offering tunable color temperatures of 2200K-10000K and a CRI/TLCI rating of 94/91. It is engineered to provide a strong light output from a compact size, and with user-defined wattage scales of 90W-200W, you can get just the right amount of light output for anything ranging from a small set to an outdoor location shoot.

Precision control of the light. With an adjustable beam angle from 10 to 70 degrees, the P3L Ellipsoidal lets you achieve precise lighting control. The unit comes with a remote DMX/RDM receiver, allowing for wireless operation from either a DMX console or external wireless transmitter. Additionally, the P3L Ellipsoidal features two- and four-way barndoors, allowing for fine-tuning of the light spread.

Easy to use and setup. The P3L Ellipsoidal is designed for rapid setup. It features a tool-less yoke for convenient mounting and framing, and also comes with a strobe function for creative lighting effects. Additionally, all accessories needed for operation are included in the initial purchase. This makes the P3L Ellipsoidal a great choice for any situation, including studio, events, and film production.

The perfect light for any situation. With a powerful light output, precision control, and easy setup, the Fiilex P3L Ellipsoidal is the perfect light for any situation. It’s versatility, quality, and portability make it a great choice for any set or location shoot.

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