The Essential Guide to Shopping for Mobile DJ Lighting Equipment

Best Gear for Mobile DJs: A Buying Guide to DJ Lighting

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Best Gear for Mobile DJs: A Buying Guide to DJ Lighting

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a club night or some other event, great lighting is essential to creating and setting the right atmosphere. Finding the right gear for your mobile DJ setup can be difficult at first. In this buying guide, we will provide all you need to know when it comes to lighting equipment and how to choose the best gear for your budget and needs.

Types of DJ Lighting to Consider

The effects that lighting can provide range from subtle stage presence to high impact visuals. When beginning to source lighting equipment for a mobile DJ setup there are a few different types of lighting to consider: strobe lights, floodlights, moving heads, and lasers.

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights create a flashing light and provide an intense yet basic lighting effect for your event. They are generally relatively affordable and usually come in small sizes, making them easily portable for mobile DJs.


Floodlights will provide a softer light which will give your event a larger feel. They are perfect for illuminating a stage, dance floor or other larger area. Many floodlights will feature adjustable beam angles and some also include colour frames and filters if you wish to bring more colour to your event.

Moving Heads

Moving heads offer more dynamic lighting with their automated angular adjustments. These are usually more expensive than floodlights and strobes. A great advantage here is that the lights and their programming can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet, creating an even more interactive atmosphere.


Lasers provide a unique form of event lighting, giving the impression of moving stars. Prices of laser lighting vary greatly, so make sure you look around for the best value for the effects you are looking for. Be aware of safety regulations, as laser effects should never be directed at audience members.

Power & Control

Different considerations such as power and control should also be taken into account. When working with DMX equipment, you will need a controller and possibly external amplifiers. DMX cables will be necessary in order to connect your gear. Also make sure you budget for any memory accessories required for programming lighting treatments.

Finding the Right Balance

Finding the best gear for your mobile DJ setup is all about finding the right balance. Think about the type of visuals you want to present at your event. Mix and match the equipment mentioned in this guide to create the atmosphere and visuals that you are looking for. Also, make sure you consider budget and mobility in your decision making, as this equipment is likely to be portable.

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