The Best Inkjet Paper for Photographers in Training

Recommended Inkjet Paper for Photography Students

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Recommended Inkjet Paper For Photography Students

Printing photography in the form of prints can be an enjoyable – and useful – experience. It’s an excellent way to show off your work, learn more about the medium, and familiarize yourself with the differences between analog and digital photography.

Choosing the right inkjet paper for your images – and understanding when each one is best used – is an important factor, and as a prospective photography student, you should do your research. This article will provide a few recommended inkjet paper types to get you started – and should help you become familiar with the different characteristics of each.

Inkjet Photo Glossy Paper

This type of paper is the most common form of inkjet paper, and it is ideal for capturing sharp, vibrant details in images. Photo glossy paper is usually thicker than plain paper – allowing for an increased color range – and it is coated with a protective layer that helps ensure long-lasting prints.

Inkjet Photo Satin Paper

Inkjet photo satin paper is a great choice if you want to display photos on walls or give them as gifts. This paper has a slight texture that creates an elegant, premium finish – and is very resistant to scratches, dirt, and other physical damage.

Inkjet Photo Matt Paper

Unlike glossy and satin papers, inkjet photo matt paper is designed to be less reflective and have a “low sheen” finish. This makes them perfect for darker images, or any photos that you would like to have a subtle effect on.

Inkjet Watercolor Paper

Inkjet watercolor paper is a unique option that replicates the look and feel of real watercolor paintings. This type of paper is made from a high-density pulp that creates an incredibly lifelike effect, and it is perfect for depicting the softer, muted tones of nature photography.

These are just a few of the many inkjet paper options available for photography students. There are plenty of other options that vary in color, texture, brightness, and finish – so it’s important to do your research and find the paper that best suits your image.

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