The Amaran COB 200xS: Expert-Level Bi-Color LED Monolight For Pro Photographers

amaran COB 200x S Bi-Color LED Monolight APM022XA10 B&H Photo

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Amaran COB 200x S Bi-Color LED Monolight APM022XA10 B&H Photo

An all-in-one solution for reliable illumination in any setting. The Amaran COB 200x S Bi-Color LED Monolight is an excellent choice for studio lighting and location lighting. The robust and lightweight design make it easy to transport and setup. It features dual output channels for total control of your image, and can be triggered via DMX, wireless remote, and Sync-Cord.

Intuitive control and versatile operation. The sleek LCD touchscreen offers effortless adjustments for output, color temperature, and various other settings. With flicker-free operation, you can feel confident that your shots will come out the way you want them to. The built-in cooling fan ensures it won’t overheat during use.

Maximum flexibility and reliability. This LED monolight is ideal for photographers and videographers alike, thanks to its wide range of controls. It features a digital display for monitoring and adjusting settings, and multiple mount options for maximum flexibility. The included reflector is designed to provide even, shadow-free lighting.

High-quality LEDs for optimal illumination. The 200x S Bi-Color LED Monolight features high-quality LEDs that can be dimmed from 10 to 100 percent. It offers a broad spectrum of color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K, allowing you to customize the look of your shots. It also offers refresh rates up to 25Hz for smooth, flicker-free operation.

Advanced features for reliable use. This LED light is made from durable materials that can withstand tough environments. It also features internal memory, which allows you to store and recall settings for quick and easy access. Plus, with its low power consumption you can enjoy long-lasting performance without wasting energy.

The Amaran COB 200x S Bi-Color LED Monolight is an ideal choice for photographers and videographers looking for reliable illumination in any setting. With its intuitive design, versatile operation, and advanced features, it offers maximum flexibility and control in a lightweight and durable package. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, this LED monolight is the perfect solution for professional-quality lighting.

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