The All-in-One Lighting Solution: The Nanlite LitoLite 5C RGBWW Mini LED Panel

Nanlite LitoLite 5C RGBWW Mini LED Panel LITOLITE5C B&H Photo

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NanLite LitoLite 5C RGBWW Mini LED Panel

A Pop of Color Through NanoLite LED Lighting

The NanoLite LitoLite 5C RGBWW Mini LED Panel from B&H Photo is the perfect lighting solution for artists looking for a pop of color and versatility in their lighting great for use in video and photography projects. Producing a variety of colors with the help of its Red, Green, Blue, Warm White and Cool White options, this ultra-portable LED panel offers more than just basic white lighting.

Flexible Options for Maximum Lighting Creativity

Select from up to 16 million individual colors and adjust the hue and saturation to customize your lighting composition. The panel is even capable of DMX operation, allowing compatibility with most modern DMX consoles and systems. Equipped with plenty of access ports, the NanoLight LitoLite can also be powered by batteries, AC or USB-C, adapting to any environment easily.

Manually and Remotely Control Your Light

The LitoLite can be controlled manually by adjusting its brightness and color temperature, as well as remotely via various wireless control (Wirelss DMX, WIFI) through software such as the LitoLite App on iOS and Android. Additionally, its built-in cooling fan provides thermal control, ensuring performance and reliability.

All the Necessary Accessories

To top it off, the LitoLite 5C includes a power adapter, a barn door, and a CTO filter gel for you to customize your lighting even further. Experience all the flexibility and convenience that the NanoLite LitoLite 5C RGBWW Mini LED Panel from B&H Photo has to offer!

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