Tascam Upgrades DR-10L Pro Audio Recorder with Enhanced Features

Tascam Announces DR-10L Pro with Upgraded Features

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Tascam Announces DR-10L Pro with Upgraded Features

Tascam has unveiled a feature-packed successor to its popular DR-10L ultra-compact recorder. The improved DR-10L Pro will bring a number of additional features, such as a dual-mono output mode, additional input level knobs, and a new compression mode. The device is set to be one of the most feature-rich recorders in its price range.

The DR-10L Pro is an update to its predecessor, the DR-10L. It is a lightweight, pocket-sized digital recorder that is ideal for capturing sound sources in places where traditional recording setups would be too cumbersome or impractical. It features XLR and TRS inputs and outputs, dual-mono output mode, and an intuitive LCD display.

The most noteworthy update to the DR-10L Pro is the addition of a new compression mode. This mode helps to reduce the dynamic range of the recordings, making them more suitable for various applications. Additionally, the device now features an improved noise-reduction system and a larger capacity battery, allowing it to record continuously for up to 17 hours.

The DR-10L Pro also boasts two independent level knobs for each input. This allows for more precise gain control. Furthermore, the device now has a dedicated headphone output, making it easy to monitor recordings in real-time without the risk of feedback. The new device is also compatible with Tascam’s optional RC-10L Remote Control, which allows users to control the recorder from up to 9.8 feet away.

Overall, the upgraded features of the DR-10L Pro make it an attractive option for audio recording on the go. The lightweight design and robust feature set, coupled with an affordable price point, make the DR-10L Pro an ideal device for capturing audio in any location. With its improved features, the DR-10L Pro is set to be a popular choice for sound engineers, podcasters, and other audio professionals.

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