TASCAM Reveals DR-10L Pro with Enhanced Features

TASCAM Announces DR-10L Pro with Upgraded Features

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TASCAM Announces DR-10L Pro with Upgraded Features

TASCAM announces the DR-10L Pro, a powerful new version of its audio recorder with upgraded features. The new device offers a professional alternative to traditional camera-mounted audio recorders and allows for superior sound quality. The DR-10L Pro offers three recording modes – Mono, Stereo, and Multi-Track – and is designed for use with DSLR cameras. The device also has an improved noise control, with better filtering for optimal sound quality.

The DR-10L Pro is powered by an amplifier with extended battery life. The device can maintain a charge for up to three hours, and its low power consumption allows for longer recording times. The amplifier also offers improved dynamic range, and allows for detailed audio capture, even at higher volumes.

The DR-10L Pro is also equipped with a 3.5mm stereo line-in jack. This allows for external devices such as lavalier microphones or portable audio recorders to be connected directly to the device. The line-in jack enables sound technicians to capture both the direct and the ambient sound separately, giving them more control over the final product. The input gains are also adjustable, making it easier to control the level of sound.

The device includes an integrated OLED display which makes it easy to monitor the levels. The brightness and contrast of the display can be manually adjusted so that users can easily see the levels, even in low-light environments. The display also has convenient controls to adjust the recording parameters and make sure the sound is captured correctly.

The DR-10L Pro also features a dedicated Headphone Monitor Jack. The jack allows users to monitor their recordings on an external device such as headphones. This is ideal for monitoring a sound source and it also makes it easier to fine-tune the audio levels.

The DR-10L Pro is a powerful audio recorder with upgraded features and is designed to provide superior sound quality for professionals. With its extended battery life, adjustable gain, 3.5mm line-in jack, and dedicated headphone monitor jack, the DR-10L Pro is sure to be a valuable tool for sound engineers and sound technicians alike.

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