TASCAM DR-10L Pro: A Pro-Grade Audio Recorder with Enhanced Capabilities

TASCAM Announces DR-10L Pro with Upgraded Features

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TASCAM Announces DR-10L Pro with Upgraded Features

TASCAM has released the DR-10L Pro, an upgraded version of the popular DR-10L. The new mini-recorder is ideal for DSLR or video shooting, and features upgraded components, additional recording formats and remote control options.

The recorder has been upgraded to the AK4558 codec. This high-quality component is perfect for capturing audio in recording studios and video productions. It allows for up to 32-bit PCM capture, ensuring maximum fidelity and clarity.

In addition to recording in WAV and MP3 formats, the DR-10L Pro now supports AAC and WMA. This gives users even more flexibility in choosing the recording format that best fits their specific needs. The device also supports linear PCM (LPCM) recording, which keeps audio takeover transitions clean and precise when editing.

The device can also be remotely controlled from Android and iOS devices via a free app. The intuitive app makes it easy to start, pause, stop and set recording levels. It also allows users to access the devices’s metering systems, giving them precision control over levels and sound.

The DR-10L Pro has a rugged design, and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It has an aluminum body and reinforced corners to protect the recording device from impacts and weather. It features standard 1/8th-inch jacks for connecting to a variety of microphones, as well as an S/PDIF input for digital audio capture.

TASCAM’s DR-10L Pro is the perfect recording device for DSLR shooters, video producers and studio recording. With its upgraded components and remote control app, it delivers professional-grade audio capture in a lightweight package.

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