Take Your Video Production to the Next Level with the Kelvin Epos 300 3-Light Kit (V-Mount)

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The Kelvin Epos 300 3-Light Kit (V-Mount):

A Comprehensive Lighting Kit – The Kelvin EPOS 300 3-Light Kit (V-Mount) is a comprehensive lighting solution for cinematographers and filmmakers. It includes three 300W LED lights with a V-Mount battery plate, AC and DC power supplies, an adjustable barndoor, and 4 leaf barn doors. This kit is perfect for small productions, interviews, and events where portability is a priority.

High-End Lighting Performance

State-of-the-Art Illumination – The Kelvin EPOS 300 3-Light Kit (V-Mount) features state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, offering a powerful CRI rating of 95+ for accurate color rendition. With each light boasting a maximum output of 7,000 Lumens, you’ll get bright, powerful lighting performance for any shooting scenario.

Portable and Versatile

Easy to Set Up and Use – The Kelvin EPOS 300 3-Light Kit (V-Mount) is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for on-location shooting. The kit comes with a variety of mounting accessories, including an adjustable barndoor, four-leaf barn doors and two adjustable light stands, so you can quickly and easily set up your lighting wherever needed.

Cost and Build Quality

Affordable and Durable – The Kelvin EPOS 300 3-Light Kit (V-Mount) offers a great value for money, with its high-end performance and build quality. The aluminum construction provides a durable and secure foundation for your lights, and the V-Mount battery plate ensures reliable power supply during your shoots.

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