Take Your Productions to the Next Level with Amaran PT2c RGB LED Pixel Tube Lights

amaran PT2c RGB LED Pixel Tube Light (2', 2-Light Production Kit)

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Amaran PT2C RGB LED Pixel Tube Light Review

The Amaran PT2C RGB LED Pixel Tube Light is a powerful lighting tool that produces vivid and color-rich light. The 2’ two-light production kit is ideal for cinematography, still photography, and video production. The kit includes two tubes with brackets, mounts, and two plastic diffusers.

The tubes feature high-power RGB LED tech with a magnification of 70. The CRI index is an impressive 95, providing high color accuracy in diverse shooting conditions. The adjustable temperature range of 2200K-10,000K ensures ultimate versatility in lighting color and tone.

The kit comes with a variety of useful accessories. The included power adapter allows users to power the tubes with any standard AC outlet. Users can also adjust light modes with the separately-sold control panel, which has manual and auto settings. Additionally, the included rubber rings and ball bungees provide adjustable mounting and secure placement.

The Amaran PT2C produces clean and powerful lighting without requiring too much energy. The LED tubes consume only 18W each and share a single power adapter with two output ports. This makes the kit space-saving and economical.

The Amaran PT2C is the ideal lighting tool for videography, photography, and film production. With powerful LED technology, adjustable color temperature and brightness, and an array of convenient accessories, this two-light production kit is an excellent choice for any project.

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