Take Your Content Creation to the Next Level with the Blackmagic Design PCKT CNM CAM 4K/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/2TBSSD

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Innovative design drives powerful performance. The Blackmagic Design PCKT CNM CAM 4K/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/2TBSSD was designed with the user in mind, providing the most advanced and intuitive functions available in an ecosystem of tools and services. This camera kit offers a range of features that make it perfect for any type of shoot, no matter the scale or complexity.

Unprecedented versatility in shooting. Its overwhelming versatility allows for brilliant play with angles: with the interchangeable lens mount system, users can use a variety of lenses from virtually any major lens manufacturer. The camera supports 4K video recording while also delivering pristine 12K still images for some of the highest resolution production available today.

Unparalleled filming control. The PCKT CNM CAM 4K/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/2TBSSD features a number of control configurations to ensure the best performance in any environment. Whether you are filming in studio or on location, each of these control systems are designed to give the user complete control over their shoot.

High-Quality Connectivity.This camera kit also features a variety of recording and connectivity options. Multiple card slots allow for simultaneous recording for multiple versions or backup footage, while SDI and HDMI ports allow connection to external monitors or media players. It also has dual mini XLR inputs for microphones, as well as USB-C connection for external storage.

Elevated image quality. The PCKT CNM CAM 4K/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/2TBSSD’s advanced sensor and color science capture low light performance and expanded Dynamic Range for amazing image quality. This system also allows users to control image settings, unlock high-end features like HDR and TimeCode, and work with a 10-bit log format.

A true all-in-one package. With the PCKT CNM CAM 4K/CG PLT/MNT/CLMP/2TBSSD, Blackmagic Design has created a comprehensive camera package that brings a range of features under one roof. Its outstanding design, cutting-edge technology, and smooth control systems make this camera kit a must-have for any filmmaker or photographer.

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