Take Control of Your Video Lighting with the Neewer TL96RGB LED Stick

Neewer TL96RGB Magnetic Handheld RGB LED Video Light Stick

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Neewer TL96RGB Magnetic Handheld RGB LED Video Light Stick: The Best Lighting Experience

The latest Neewer TL96RGB Magnetic Handheld RGB LED Video Light Stick is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add more lighting to their photography and videography. This unique video light offers superior lighting in a compact design, making it the ideal choice for beginners and professionals alike. Its innovative RGB lighting system allows it to be used in a variety of photographic and video shoots while delivering stunning results that are sure to impress.

The versatility of this light stick is unmatched. Equipped with three adjustable colour temperatures (white, red, and blue), it allows you to customise the light to perfectly suit every shoot. Plus, with its magnetic, light weight design, you can easily move the stick around during production to get the desired lighting. This means you can quickly and easily create unique lighting effects.

The Neewer TL96RGB is also incredibly easy to use. It features a digital LED display, so you can precisely adjust the output to get just the right amount of light for any situation. It also has adjustable dimming and strobing function so you can create truly stunning light effects. And if you need to make further adjustments, you can use the optional remote control to make quick changes without having to manually adjust the settings.

The Neewer TL96RGB also features built-in Bluetooth control. This allows you to control the light stick from your smartphone or tablet, giving you ultimate flexibility. Plus, with its rechargeable battery, you can use the light stick and take advantage of its features for up to 10 hours without any need for external power. This makes it perfect for use in remote locations.

The Neewer TL96RGB is an incredibly versatile and innovative video light. It is designed to give you complete control over your lighting and to provide you with the best lighting experience. Whether you are a novice or professional photographer or videographer, you can count on this light stick to add stunning lighting to any shoot.

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