Stay Lit Up with the Hobolite Micro 8W Bi-Color LED Light

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Hobolite Micro 8W Bi-Color LED Light (Standard Kit)

The Hobolite Micro 8W Bi-Color LED Light is a compact and versatile light for your film and photography needs. This light is made with the highest quality components and is designed for a lifetime of use. It has an adjustable output control to match any lighting scenarios. This light is lightweight and extremely durable, making it great for various types of filmmaking. The Micro 8W Bi-Color LED has a maximum output of 900 lumens and a CRI rating of 95. This light can be used with Sony NP-F970 batteries, making it extremely portable and convenient.

This LED light comes with everything you need for production. The Standard Kit includes the light, a time-saving quick release system, a 4-way barndoor, a two-way barndoor, a snapgrids, and a filter set. You also get two NP-F970 batteries, a universal power supply, and a carry bag. This makes the Micro 8W Bi-Color LED perfect for on-the-go filming or shooting wherever you need to go.

This light has a number of features that make it stand out from the pack. The light has a dimmable output with an adjustable color temperature of 2700K-5600K. This allows you to match the light to the scene so that your footage looks as natural as possible. Additionally, this light is flicker-free, making it perfect for shooting in slow motion. You also get flexible mounting and positioning options with this light.

The Hobolite Micro 8W Bi-Color LED Light is a great choice for filmmakers and photographers. It is lightweight, durable, and compact, making it perfect for on-the-go filming and photography. You get everything you need with the Standard Kit, allowing you to get creative with the lighting of your project. Additionally, the adjustable output and color temperature make it easy to match the light with your desired scene. The Micro 8W Bi-Color LED is a great choice for those who want a versatile and reliable LED light

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