Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera: The Ultimate Tool for Cinematic Creation

Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera System PXW-FX9VK B&H

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Experience Professional Quality with Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera System PXW-FX9VK B&H

The Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K Full-Frame Camera System PXW-FX9VK B&H brings professional quality to a whole new level. With its advanced features and superior recording capabilities, it delivers outstanding image quality that is ideal for film, broadcast and documentary projects.

Capture Crisp, Clear Images with High Sensitivity and Low Noise

The Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K camera system provides high sensitivity with low noise. This allows you to capture crisp, clear images with less grain or noise. This advantage is especially useful when shooting in low light or bright sunlit conditions that require maximum dynamic range. The camera also features a dual Gain ISO system, which allows for maximum control and accuracy when shooting in difficult lighting conditions.

Fast and Versatile Recording Capabilities

The Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K camera system is fast and versatile, capable of recording in multiple resolutions and frame rates. It offers recording options such as XAVC-I, XAVC-L, MPEG-2 Long GOP, MPEG HD422, and MPEG HD420. , to suit any project. Additionally, the system also supports multiple audio formats from SDI, line or microphone inputs, providing you with the capability of capturing high-quality audio when needed.

Enhance Your Projects with Expanded Color Space

The Sony PXW-FX9K camera system provides users with an expansive color space that is ideal for producing vibrant professional quality images. This feature, along with the camera’s high contrast, allows you to create images that pop off the screen. Additionally, the camera is equipped with a PL mount that provides users with the ability to use high-quality PL lenses to ensure optimal image quality when shooting.

Compact and Sturdy Design

The Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K camera system has a compact and sturdy design, making it easy to transport and set up. It also features dust, rain, and snow proofing for added durability, allowing you to shoot in any weather condition without worry.


The Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K full-frame camera system from B&H delivers professional quality images with a dynamic range, high sensitivity, and expanded color space. With its fast and versatile recording capabilities, PL mount, and sturdy design, this system provides users with the ultimate in imaging quality.

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