SmallRig Launches Exciting New Collaborations for Tripods, V-Mount Batteries, and Tool Kits

SmallRig Drops Tripod, V-Mount Battery, and Tool Kit Collaborations

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SmallRig Collaborations: Tripod, V-Mount Battery, and Tool Kit

SmallRig, a leading manufacturer of camera accessories, has recently announced exciting collaborations with industry leaders to offer innovative and versatile products for filmmakers and videographers.

SmallRig Drops Tripod Collaboration

SmallRig has teamed up with a renowned tripod manufacturer to create a high-quality and durable tripod that is specifically designed to meet the demands of professional videographers. This collaboration aims to provide stability and reliability for camera setups in various filming scenarios.

V-Mount Battery Collaboration

SmallRig has partnered with a leading V-Mount battery manufacturer to develop a power solution that caters to the needs of filmmakers using high-energy-consuming equipment. This collaboration aims to provide long-lasting and efficient power for extended shooting sessions.

Tool Kit Collaboration

SmallRig has joined forces with a renowned tool kit brand to create a versatile and comprehensive tool kit specifically tailored for camera rigging and maintenance. This collaboration aims to offer convenience and efficiency for filmmakers in setting up and maintaining their equipment.

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