SmallRig Introduces Innovative Camera Cage Solutions for Nikon Z8

SmallRig Announces Camera Cage Solutions for the Nikon Z8

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SmallRig Announces Camera Cage Solutions for the Nikon Z8

SmallRig recently announced the release of new camera cage solutions for Nikon’s flagship full-frame Z8 mirrorless camera. The various cages support the Z8’s array of features and functions. This release includes two distinct camera cages, a Cold Shoe Baseplate, and an HDMI Clamp.

The Camera Cage for Nikon Z8 (BUC2130) is the ultimate solution for users who need an all-encompassing cage support system. The cage offers a lightweight and durable design, providing secure mounting options for various accessories. The cage also has a built-in cold shoe to easily mount a monitor, microphone, or other accessories. The Camer Cage also has four 1/4″ thread holes at the top and bottom for mounting a variety of accessories.

The Top Handle for Nikon Z8 (HSN2887) is ideal for quick setup and tear down of shots. The handle mounts to the Camera Cage for the Nikon Z8, and provides extra support and stability when shooting. The design is ergonomic, allowing for comfortable shooting and operation. The handle also includes several mounting points, allowing for the attachment of several accessories including microphones, monitors, and more.

The Cold Shoe Baseplate for Nikon Z8 (HSN2888) is an essential accessory for mounting a separate camera onto the Nikon Z8. It features an innovative bayonet mount, allowing for a secure and stable connection between the camera and the Cold Shoe Baseplate. The Baseplate also has multiple 1/4″ thread holes for attaching additional accessories.

The HDMI Clamp (HSN2889) is the perfect choice for connecting Nikon Z8’s HDMI cable to an external monitor or recording device. The clamp allows users to securely attach the HDMI cable to the camera, eliminating the worry of the cable becoming disconnected during use. It’s also compatible with other Nikon Z cameras.

SmallRig’s new camera cage solutions for the Nikon Z8 give photographers all the tools they need to get the most out of their camera. With a variety of mounting options, it’s never been easier to customize your camera setup for any situation.

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