Sigma Unveils Powerful New FUJIFILM X-Mount Lenses

Sigma Launches FUJIFILM X-Mount 100-400mm & 23mm Contemporary Lenses

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Sigma Launches FUJIFILM X-Mount 100-400mm & 23mm Contemporary Lenses

Sigma introduces great new options for FUJIFILM X-Mount users. Sigma, the world-renowned manufacturer of photographic and cinematographic lenses, has launched two new lenses designed for the FUJIFILM X-Mount range. The new lenses include a 100-400mm F5-6.3 speed booster and an impressive 23mm F2 Contemporary lens.

These new lenses bring additional flexibility to the FUJIFILM X-Mount range. The 100-400mm speed booster features a versatile telephoto range from 100-400mm, with a variable aperture of between F5-6.3. It is designed to reduce the camera’s native crop factor of 1.5x, while providing fast and accurate focus thanks to its Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) for silent autofocus. Meanwhile, the 23mm F2 Contemporary lens has a fast aperture of F2 with a minimum focusing distance of 7.9” – making it suitable for tight spaces while offering great creative freedom.

The lenses can be used with a variety of camera models. The two lenses are compatible with all FUJIFILM X-mount camera bodies in both mount types, APS-C and full-frame. Moreover, the lenses weight under twolbs, making them ideal for shooters who need to be light on their feet – ideal for travel photography.

Together, these lenses make a great addition to any FUJIFILM X-Mount user’s kit. The 100-400mm speed booster and 23mm F2 Contemporary lens make a great addition to FUJIFILM X-Mount users’ kits. They offer versatility, speed, and accuracy – making them perfect for any photo or cinematographic project.

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