Shure Releases MVX2U: XLR-to-USB Adapter with Built-in Headphone Jack

Shure Announces MVX2U, an XLR-to-USB Adapter with Headphone Jack

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Shure Announces MVX2U, an XLR-to-USB Adapter with Headphone Jack

Shure Incorporated, a leading audio electronics company, announced their latest product, the MVX2U, an XLR-to-USB Adapter with Headphone Jack. The product is designed to improve sound quality, providing crystal clear audio and allowing for precise sound control.

“The MVX2U is designed to improve the recording experience for those needing a mobile recording device,” said Matt Engstrom, Director of Global Product Marketing at Shure. “The product enhances audio quality and allows users to record in studio-level detail wherever they go.”

Features and Enhancements

The MVX2U includes several enhancements over its predecessor, the MV7. It comes with a 48V phantom power switch, which makes it easier to record with condenser mics, as well as gain enhancers, allowing for better control over recorded sound. This product also includes built-in headphone output, meaning users can monitor their recordings while they’re being recorded.

“We’ve added a variety of features to the MVX2U that make it easier for users to record high quality audio on the go,” said Engstrom. “The added features provide users with the flexibility and control they need to record their best work.”

Availability and Price

The MVX2U is now available for purchase from Shure’s website. It retails for $99.99, with no additional shipping costs. The product comes with a one-year limited warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial.

“The MVX2U is the perfect tool for audio professionals and music enthusiasts alike,” said Engstrom. “We believe it provides the best value in its price range and we’re excited to see what people can do with it.”

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