Shure Celebrates B&H’s 50th with Limited Edition SM7B Microphone

Shure Announces Limited Edition SM7B for B&H's 50th Anniversary

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Shure Announces Limited Edition SM7B for B&H’s 50th Anniversary

Shure Incorporated is celebrating a milestone with B&H Photo Video by introducing a limited edition SM7B microphone. Shure, one of the most recognized and respected brands in professional audio, is offering a unique microphone to commemorate B&H’s 50th anniversary. The limited edition SM7B in this bundle includes a custom blue-finished SM7B, a B&H 50th Anniversary Cartridge, and an exclusive Shure forearm stand.

The SM7B is a popular microphone for vocalists, radio announcers, and voiceover artists. With a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response, this wireless microphone is perfect for recording and streaming podcasting, music, and broadcast applications. It has a cardioid polar pattern and is accompanied by an external shock mount and pop filter for enhanced sound clarity. The microphone is also capable of suppressing unwanted background noise and hum.

This limited edition SM7B also comes with a special B&H 50th Anniversary Cartridge. This exclusive cartridge perfectly fits the SM7B and features engraved B&H 50th Anniversary images and inscriptions. The special bundle also includes an aluminum Shure forearm stand. This allows you to easily move the microphone as needed and offers additional height adjustment control.

The SM7B limted edition bundle is a must-have for any podcast, radio station, or vocalist. Celebrating a milestone with B&H Photo Video, Shure’s special SM7B microphone bundle offers an exclusive cartridge, blue-finished microphone, and a quality forearm stand. It is sure to become a favorite among audio professionals and casual audio creators.

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