Shoot Professional Films with Canon RF and RED KOMODO-X Camera Systems!

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The RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO-X ST 6K Digital Cinema Camera is the perfect solution for filmmakers looking to record high-resolution video.

Equipped with a 6K Full Frame sensor, the KOMODO-X is the ideal camera for filmmakers who want to take advantage of the latest technology and capture the stunning detail of large-format filmmaking. It features a Canon RF lens mount to make it compatible with wide range of lenses. The camera also features a dedicated slow motion mode, allowing it to record up to 120fps in 6K. In addition, the KOMODO-X comes in a variety of styles and configurations.

The standard Komodo-X ST 6K package features the Canon RF lens mount and a wooden handle for easy grip and maneuverability.

The package also includes two REDVOLT XL batteries, one REDMINI-MAG side SSD module, and an interchangeable magnetic lens mount. This package comes with a small form factor body, ideal for small crews and projects where space is limited. The Komodo-X ST 6K is also available with an optional Canon EF lens mount.

Off-the-shelf configurations provide filmmakers with a variety of customization options to tailor the camera to their specific film production needs.

There are two interchangeable front modules, the Redevice and Redpro, that allow for full wireless control and improved workflow solutions. The Redevice module provides a full array of features, such as remote follow focus, wireless monitoring, and metadata capture. The Redpro module provides support for dual-band wireless and is equipped with an on-camera monitor.

In addition, the Komodo-X ST 6K offers filmmakers the ability to adjust and tailor the camera to their needs with REDCINE-X PRO and Apple FCPX plugins.

The REDCINE-X PRO plugin provides filmmakers with the ability to color grade, edit, and add effects in post-production. The FCPX plugin enables users to continue their workflow in Final Cut Pro X, allowing them to streamline their editing process.

The RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO-X ST 6K Digital Cinema Camera is an ideal choice for filmmakers who want to capture high-resolution images and take advantage of the features offered by the Canon RF lens mount. With its multiple configurations and customization options, the Komodo-X ST 6K is sure to meet the needs of any filmmaker

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