SanDisk Unveils G-RAID Mirror 2-Bay RAID Storage Solution

SanDisk Professional Launches G-RAID Mirror 2-Bay RAID Arrays

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SanDisk Professional Launches G-RAID Mirror 2-Bay RAID Arrays

SanDisk Professional has announced the release of their G-RAID Mirror 2-bay RAID array. The G-RAID mirror is a high-performance RAID array system with a dual-disk storage capacity for both video and audio data. It offers improved transfer speeds and supports both RAID 0 and 1 configurations. The G-RAID Mirror also features seven USB 3.0 ports, allowing for simultaneous connection of up to seven devices.

The G-RAID Mirror supports a wide range of media formats. It can store and playback up to 4K and 8K footage, allowing for high-resolution editing and smooth media playback. Additionally, the G-RAID Mirror supports most audio formats. It also provides the option to configure disks in RAID 0 or 1, depending on needs. RAID 1 provides data redundancy through mirroring, and RAID 0 offers improved performance.

The G-RAID Mirror is built with enterprise-grade components. It features a 5mm aluminum enclosure, industry leading cooling technology, and copper cooling pipes. Additionally, the G-RAID Mirror comes with an LED drive status indicator, as well as a five-year limited warranty.

The G-RAID Mirror offers an array of security features. It comes with industry-leading access control to protect your data. Furthermore, the G-RAID Mirror supports AES 256-bit encryption, which further enhances the security of stored data.

Overall, the G-RAID Mirror is a great option for audio and video professionals. It offers high-performance digital media playback and storage, and is backed by SanDisk Professional’s five-year limited warranty. With the G-RAID Mirror, professionals can ensure their data is secure and accessible.

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