Samsung’s Odyssey Gaming Monitor Lineup Expands with New OLED Models

Samsung Adds OLED Models to its Odyssey Gaming Monitor Lineup

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Samsung Adds OLED Models to its Odyssey Gaming Monitor Lineup

Samsung has announced that it is expanding its Odyssey gaming monitor lineup with the addition of OLED models.

Immersive Gaming Experience

The OLED models are designed to provide gamers with an immersive gaming experience, thanks to their high contrast ratios and vibrant colors.

Superior Picture Quality

These new monitors offer superior picture quality and deeper blacks compared to traditional LCD monitors, making them ideal for gaming.

Fast Response Times

In addition to stunning visuals, the OLED models also boast fast response times, ensuring smooth gameplay without motion blur or ghosting.

Advanced Features

Samsung’s OLED gaming monitors come with advanced features such as high refresh rates, variable refresh rate technology, and support for HDR content.

Multiple Size Options

The new lineup includes various size options, catering to gamers who prefer different screen sizes for their gaming setups.


The new OLED models will be available for purchase in the coming months, offering gamers the opportunity to upgrade their gaming experience with cutting-edge display technology.

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