Samsung Unveils 98″ QLED Display with Q80C Smart TV Series

Samsung Adds a 98

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Samsung Adds a 98″ Display to the Q80C Series of QLED Smart TVs

Samsung is dedicated to providing consumers with the best television experience. The technology giant recently announced that it will expand its Q80C Series of QLED Smart TVs by adding a 98″ display. The new display is not only the world’s largest consumer UHD TV, but it also brings an unparalleled viewing experience.

The 98″ display features a 4K Ultra HD resolution. It is four times clearer than the existing 1080p displays. Additionally, the display has a peak brightness level of around 2,000 nits. As Samsung claims, this allows it to produce exceptionally brilliant colors even in the most challenging bright rooms.

Apart from incredible resolution and brightness, this Smart TV offers plenty of features. It has a Quantum Processor 8K, which helps it upscaling the content from any resolution to 8K. This enables consumers to experience 8K resolution even without an 8K source. Additionally, it has an Ultra Viewing Angle, which prevents the colors from fading and makes it possible for viewers to watch the écran from any angle.

The new Q80C Series of QLED Smart TVs comes with built-in features like Bixby, Ambient Mode, and SmartThings. With Bixby, users can control their TV through voice commands. Ambient Mode adds a touch of sophistication and style to any room. Furthermore, Smart Things allows users to control connected devices. This combination of features makes this TV a complete entertainment package.

All in all, Samsung’s new Q80C Series of QLED Smart TVs is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their television. With its 98″ display and plethora of features, it promises to deliver a truly exceptional viewing experience. It is the perfect addition to any home theatre setup.

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