RØDE Re-imagines NT1 with Signature Series Edition

RØDE Announces NT1 Signature Series Edition of Iconic NT1 Studio Mic

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RØDE Announces NT1 Signature Series Edition of Iconic NT1 Studio Mic

The NT1 Signature Series mic brings improved features and sound quality to a classic. RØDE Microphones is renowned for its line of studio mics, and the new NT1 Signature Series Edition of their iconic NT1 studio condenser mic delivers improved features and sound quality. The new NT1 is a faithful reproduction of the original design, while packing new features that provide an even better recording experience.

The NT1 Signature Series maintains the iconic sound that made the NT1 popular. The NT1 has become an iconic studio mic, used in countless recordings over the decades. Faithful to the original design, the NT1 Signature Series delivers the same classic sound with improved accuracy and fidelity. The new mic uses a one-inch, gold-sputtered, ultra-low-noise capsule which produces a wide, open sound, with a smooth top-end and low self-noise.

Improved features for a better recording experience. Along with its improved audio quality, the NT1 Signature Series also offers a range of features that make it easier to use and capture a great recording. The mic has an internally-switched 40dB pad, high boosts at 80 and 160 Hz, a digital output, and comes with a pop shield, shock mount and dust cover.

Bring classic sound and improved features to your recordings with the NT1 Signature Series. The NT1 Signature Series from RØDE Microphones is an excellent way to bring the classic sound of the NT1 to your recordings, with improved features and sound quality. Its low self-noise, improved pad, and high boost make it a great tool for recording vocals, instruments, and more. It’s the perfect mic for any studio.

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