RØDE Launches Major Firmware Updates for Wireless GO II and RØDECaster Pro II

RØDE Updates Wireless GO II and RØDECaster Pro II with New Firmware

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RØDE Updates Wireless GO II and RØDECaster Pro II with New Firmware

RØDE Microphones has released updates to its Wireless GO II and RØDECaster Pro II products, adding features such as enhanced connectivity, improved audio quality, and new features.

RØDE’s Wireless GO II product has been updated to version 1.6, which adds a new Dynamic Range Control setting that can help reduce loud audio peaks and protect against distortion. The updated version also adds a connection stability indicator, allowing for an even more reliable connection between devices. On the RØDECaster Pro II, the update adds support for up to four receivers and an improved audio path.

The update further improves the integration and audio inclusion between both products, making them even better for broadcasting and streaming.

The Wireless GO II now allows for flexible interconnectivity with the RØDECaster Pro II, which now supports up to four Wireless GO II receivers at once. This allows audio sources such as voice or instruments to be mixed and routed through the RØDECaster Pro II, making it easier to control especially when broadcasting. The update also adds a direct output feature, allowing for a direct connection to smartphone devices without the extra processing of the RØDECaster Pro II.

The updates make it easier to produce high-quality audio for podcasting, streaming, and content creation without requiring additional hardware or set up.

Both the Wireless GO II and RØDECaster Pro II are now compatible with PC and Mac thanks to the addition of a USB-C port for connecting to computers. Both products also benefit from improved audio connectivity as the update adds increased latency, making it easier to monitor sound levels in real-time. The RØDECaster Pro II is also now compatible with RØDE’s AI-1 audio interface, allowing for greater versatility and enhanced sound quality.

The free updates are now available for download, ensuring users can take advantage of the new features.

The new updates for both products are now available for free from the RØDE Microphones website. The company also encourages users to keep up to date with the latest software by subscribing to the RØDE Microphones newsletter, ensuring they stay up to date with new feature releases.

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