Revolutionizing Digital Cinema: Introducing the Blackmagic Design URSA CINE Camera Kit


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A Powerful, Professional Camera Set to Revolutionize Your Filming Experience – The Blackmagic Design URSA CINEURSAMWC6KG2-XA20SX8.5BERM-KIT B&H is the perfect package for professional filmmakers. This set includes the groundbreaking handheld URSA camera, designed to be used in any situation without sacrificing quality or ease of use. It also includes an impressive array of accessories to make your shoots easier and more efficient than ever.

Superior Quality and Durability – The URSA CINEURSAMWC6KG2-XA20SX8.5BERM-KIT B&H set provides professional filmmakers with superior image quality and long-lasting durability. With features such as its 12-stop dynamic range, 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes recording and EF lens mount, this camera ensures the highest quality of image capture and maintains its performance for years to come.

Delivering Professional Capabilities – The URSA CINEURSAMWC6KG2-XA20SX8.5BERM-KIT B&H provides professional capabilities that make your filmmaking process more efficient. This kit contains an EF lens mount with Sync Command for lens control; an ND filter for fast shooting large light changes; a B4 mount and adapter for ENG lenses; and a CFast 2.0 card slot and Power over USB-C port for unlimited recording times.

Comprehensive Connectivity Options – Whether you’re connecting to external devices and digital networks, the URSA CINEURSAMWC6KG2-XA20SX8.5BERM-KIT B&H gives you the ultimate versatility and connectivity. This set includes dual XLR inputs and audio output, dual SDI outputs for recording up to 2K resolution, USB-C port and Thunderbolt 3 connection for workflow speed, HDMI 2.0 for up to 4K recording and two mini XLR ports for a variety of audio inputs.

Lightweight and Portable Design – The URSA CINEURSAMWC6KG2-XA20SX8.5BERM-KIT B&H is designed with portability in mind. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport and the monitor and shoulder mount included in the package ensure perfect usage in any situation or environment. Additionally, the side handles are adjustable for better balance, control and comfort.

Experience Professional Filmmaking with the URSA CINEURSAMWC6KG2-XA20SX8.5BERM-KIT B&H – Revolutionize your filming experience with the URSA CINEURSAMWC6KG2-XA20SX8.5BERM-KIT B&H from Blackmagic Design. This impressive camera set is designed to deliver superior quality and impressive features that help you create stunning visuals. Get the most out of your next shoot with this reliable, innovative package.

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