Revolutionize Your Video Production with the Neewer RGB1200 LED Light

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Neewer RGB1200 Metal RGB LED Video Light with App Control

Neewer RGB1200 Metal RGB LED Video Light is a revolutionary video lighting solution that brings professional lighting effects to your projects. It provides adjustable hue, saturation and brightness, allowing you to create stunning lighting effects unique to each video or project. The light is equipped with an app that allows you to control the settings from your smartphone or tablet. You can even control multiple lights from one device to create dynamic lighting solutions.

The RGB1200 Metal video light is built with a solid metal housing for durability and comes with four metal yoke points for easy mounting. The lightweight design makes it easy to move and position when you’re on the go. It features a built-in rechargeable battery, so no external power is needed. It also includes several helpful accessories like a power adapter, diffusion filter, barn doors, and carrying case.

Using the app, you can save and recall custom settings quickly and easily. You can also customize a special mode to suit any environment. The included software allows you to save different settings to create a library of lighting effects and shapes. This allows you to match the color and light to any project or location without the need for physical color keys or complex lighting setups.

Overall, the Neewer RGB1200 Metal RGB LED Video Light is an ideal lighting solution. The adjustable features provide a wide range of possibilities for creative lighting effects while the app control and library of presets make it easy to set up and operate. Its durable metal construction is designed for both studio and on-location shoots. Whether you’re a professional or amateur video maker, the Neewer RGB1200 is a great choice for creating unique and dynamic lighting effects.

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