Revolutionize Your On-Camera Lighting with the Genaray Ultra-Thin Bicolor 288 SMD LED

Genaray Ultra-Thin Bicolor 288 SMD LED On-Camera Light

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The Ultimate On-Camera Light: Genaray Ultra-Thin Bicolor 288 SMD LED

Compact and Powerful

Perfect for on-the-go shooting, this on-camera light is both compact and powerful, providing excellent lighting for any situation.

Bicolor LED Technology

With the ability to switch between daylight and tungsten light, this on-camera light offers maximum flexibility for any environment or shooting condition.

Ultra-Thin Design

The ultra-thin design of this on-camera light makes it incredibly easy to transport and set up, without sacrificing any lighting power.

Multiple Power Options

Whether you prefer to power your on-camera light with a battery or through an AC adapter, this light offers multiple power options for added convenience.

Adjustable Brightness

You have the ability to adjust the brightness of this on-camera light, allowing you to customize the lighting to perfectly suit your needs.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed with high-quality materials, this on-camera light is durable and reliable, making it perfect for any shooting situation.

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