Revolutionary & Ergonomic: Impact Brings Air-Cushioned Light Stands to the Market

Impact Announces Air-Cushioned Light Stands

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Impact Announces Air-Cushioned Light Stands

Impact announces the introduction of their new air-cushioned light stands. The stands are designed to provide more stability and reduce vibrations caused by wind, making them ideal for outdoor shoots. The stands feature a unique air-cushioned design that helps absorb shock and reduce movement to ensure your setup stays secure.

The stands feature quick locking collars and ergonomic handles. The quick locking collars make setup and teardown much easier and faster, allowing you to focus on shooting rather than fiddling with complex locking mechanisms. The ergonomic handles provide an intuitive, comfortable grip, and make adjustments easy.

The stands are constructed from lightweight aluminum. This makes them easy to transport and highly portable, perfect for location shooting. The stands are also durable and capable of taking a beating, making them ideal for demanding environments.

Impact’s air-cushioned light stands are available now. If you’re looking for a reliable, portable light stand that’s easy to set up and resistant to wind and vibration, then Impact’s air-cushioned light stands are a great choice. Check them out today and add some stability to your next shoot.

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