Reap Benefits of a Streamlined Shoot With ARRI ALEXA 35 Lightweight Set and CCM-1 Onboard Monitor

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ARRI ALEXA 35 Lightweight Set with Onboard Monitor

The ARRI ALEXA 35 Lightweight Set is the perfect combination of an advanced motion picture camera and a professional on-board monitor. ARRI ALEXA 35 continues to define the gold standard for digital cinema and is widely accepted as one of the best cameras on the market today. Utilizing a 35mm CMOS sensor, the ALEXA 35 captures the highest quality image with stunning detail and beautiful colorimetry. With a wide dynamic range, the camera is capable of capturing stunning images in virtually any lighting situation.

The CCM-1 onboard monitor offers clear and reliable guidelines for accurately assessing image quality. This high resolution monitor features a backlit LCD panel with five levels of brightness, allowing the operator to perfectly match any ambient light. With built-in waveform, vector scope, and ARRI’s advanced false color options, the CCM-1 offers an array of tools for accurately judging exposure, sharpness and color.

The ARRI ALEXA 35 Lightweight Set comes with an extensive selection of accessories.The kit includes an unbiased background plate, power connection block, monitor hood, lens mount, lens cap and remote control. This combinaton of accessories allows you to use the setup indoors and outdoors with ease. The lightweight construction of the ALEXA 35 and CCM-1 monitor also makes transport and setup a breeze.

When you need a dependable and lightweight setup for your motion picture production, the ARRI ALEXA 35 Lightweight Set with CCM-1 on board monitor is the perfect solution. Between the reliable features of the ALEXA 35 and the excellent image quality assessment tools of the CCM-1 monitor, this combination is sure to take your production to the next level.

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