QSC Launches Next Level of Sound Quality with L Class Speakers and Subwoofer

QSC Announces L Class Next Generation of Loudspeakers and Subwoofer

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QSC Announces the L Class Next Generation of Loudspeakers and Subwoofer

QSC has announces its newest lineup of innovative L Class Loudspeakers and Subwoofer. The new L Class is a compact sound reinforcement solution for installations and presents a great value for the money. The updated design is specifically designed for high-performance in venues of any size delivering remarkable sound quality, power, and reliability. The advanced components of the L Class is what sets it apart from its predecessors.

The L Class amplifier configures power and protection in a flexible, ultra-efficient design. With the built-in electronic crossovers, the amplifier optimizes a wide range of loudspeakers for a variety of applications. It also features an intuitive rear-panel System Management bus which can be used to configure the system. QSC’s patented system of digital signal processing technology algorithm delivers unmatched clarity, depth and impact.

The L Class Line Array Subwoofer brings relentless power to the largest venues. The subwoofer incorporates 5x 18” Woofers for tremendous low end response and power. It also offers an array of input and output connections, in addition to wireless type options, for flexible connectivity and system control. The unique design ensures that the subwoofer can hold its ground and deliver the desired sound pressure for any venue.

The L Class lineup from QSC provides users with unbeatable sound quality and performance. With its robust construction, smart use of materials, digital sound processing, and reliability, the L Class is sure to be a top choice for anyone looking for the best sound reinforcement solution. The L Class series is an excellent choice for any sound reinforcement need.

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