Professional Recording with JVC GY-HM850CHU ProHD Compact Shoulder Mount Camera

JVC GY-HM850CHU ProHD Compact Shoulder Mount Camera GY-HM850CHU

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JVC GY-HM850CHU ProHD Compact Shoulder Mount Camera

The JVC GY-HM850CHU is an advanced and powerful camera for professional videographers and filmmakers. It is designed with an incredibly compact and durable body that is compatible with large lenses and provides the user with an easy and comfortable shoulder-mounted shooting experience. The GY-HM850CHU offers an impressive array of features for creating high quality content, such as Full HD capture at both 1080/60i and native progressive recording at 50Mbps. It also features an extensive range of connections, including HDMI, HD-SDI,and 3G-SDI for multi-camera applications, as well as wireless file transfer via a built-in USB port.

Sensor and Recording

The GY-HM850CHU features a 1/3-inch 3-CCD sensor with 12-bit image capture for optimal image quality and low noise. The camera provides a high sensitivity of F13 at 1080/60i and F12 at 1080/24p native progressive recording. It also offers high-quality image acquisition in low light conditions and has an approximate dynamic range of 800%. The GY-HM850CHU has a range of recording modes, including 24Mbps AVCHD, 50Mbps XDCAM EX, and DVCPRO HD video formats.

Lens and Accessories

The GY-HM850CHU is equipped with a variety of interchangeable lenses that are compatible with its lens mount. It offers support for Fujinon, Canon, and Nikon lenses, as well as a range of optional lenses from the JVC K-Mount series. It also has a variety of accessories available, including a 3-axis digital level and zoom microphone. In addition, the camera itself can also be used as an LCD monitor when connected via an HDMI cable.


The JVC GY-HM850CHU ProHD Compact Shoulder Mount Camera is an ideal choice for professional videographers and filmmakers. It provides a number of features and capabilities that allow users to capture high quality video footage with ease. Its compact and durable body makes it comfortable to use when shooting, and its extensive range of connections and multiple recording modes make it an ideal choice for multi-camera applications. With all of these features and capabilities, the GY-HM850CHU is an excellent choice for professionals.

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