Pro Tips for Capturing Colorful Macro Photos

Macro Photography: Color Control

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Macro Photography: Color Control

Understanding color temperature can have a major impact on how your macro photography looks. Macro photography involves taking extremely close up shots of small objects, giving them an almost surreal quality. Color control is a major factor of macro photography – understanding the nuances of white balance, neutralizing colors, and adjusting color temperature can all play a major role in how the final image looks.

White Balance

Using white balance to correct color temperature can add a much needed consistency to macro photography. White balance is the color temperature of light, and can be adjusted to either cool or warm up the colors of the image. In macro photography, getting the white balance to the best setting can be crucial to how the final image looks. Auto white balance can be used to provide a good starting point, although it’s not always accurate.

Neutralizing Colors

Neutralizing colors can help bring the focus of the image back to the object. Colors can often be distracting in macro photography, as the vibrant colors of the background may draw attention away from the subject of the photograph. By neutralizing the colors, it can help to bring the focus back to the object itself. This can be done by using a flash or special color filters, which helps to reduce the saturation of the colors in the image.

Adjusting Color Temperature

Adjusting the color temperature of the image can help add a subtle yet powerful effect to macro photography. Color temperature can be adjusted using a variety of techniques, including using a flash or special color filters. By adjusting the color temperature, it can help to enhance the atmosphere of the image and make the colors stand out in a unique way.


Understanding the nuances of color control can be a major factor in macro photography. Using white balance to correct color temperature, neutralizing colors, and adjusting color temperature can all help to make the final image look as good as possible. With a bit of practice and experimentation, it’s possible to master the art of color control in macro photography.

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