Photographers Rejoice! Profoto Introduces the Clic Modifier Duo

Profoto Announces Clic Modifier Duo

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Profoto Announces Clic Modifier Duo

Profoto has launched a new light modifier for photographers: the Clic Modifier Duo. This is the first two-in-one light modifier from the iconic lighting manufacturer, and it promises to revolutionize the way photographers work with light.

The Clic Modifier Duo includes two carefully crafted elements: Grid/Gobo and Softbox/Umbrella. The Grid/Gobo is designed to project light at a wide angle and create a window effect with its honeycomb grid. The Softbox/Umbrella serves to soften the light coming from the Grid/Gobo and is sculpted with fabric for a beautiful, soft-light effect.

Clic Modifier Duo is designed to be as fast and simple to use as possible. The two elements are connected via a simple mounting system, making setup and breakdown quick and easy. The entire process takes no more than a few seconds, meaning photographers don’t have to spend valuable time setting up their lighting equipment.

Profoto has also made sure that this modifier is highly portable. The elements can easily be folded up and transported in a small bag. This makes it a great light modifier for any photographer who is on the go, whether they’re shooting in a studio or on location.

The Profoto Clic Modifier Duo is compatible with all Profoto flash heads, from the B1 and B2 heads to the latest Pro-10. It can also be used with most lights from other manufacturers that are equipped wit the Profoto Universal Mount.

Profoto is proud to present this new, innovative light modifier to photographers around the world. With its fast setup, versatile shape control, and portability, the Clic Modifier Duo offers photographers the flexibility they need to create amazing imagery without sacrificing time and ease of use.

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