Blind Spot Gear Power Junkie

The Blind Spot Gear Power Junkie takes the ubiquitous Sony NP-F or L-Series battery to a whole new level. It's already a must-have tool and it's not even out yet.

Fotodiox PopSpot Ultra LED Spot Lights

Fotodiox has released an update to their PopSpot high intensity LED spot lights - now called the PopSpot Ultra. There are four lights in the series - Ultra 50 Daylight, Ultra 50 Bicolor, Ultra 100 Daylight, and Ultra 100 Bicolor.

Luxli Timpani RGB Light

The Luxli Timpani 1x1 RGB Light brings the world of RGB lighting into the hands of everyday filmmakers. It's portable, affordable, and extremely well made.

Nikon Teases Mirrorless Camera

Later this month, Nikon plans to reveal their first ever full frame mirrorless camera. Until then, they've released a teaser video, giving us a hint at what's to come.

Freefly MōVI Carbon

Freefly has changed the game again with the MōVI Carbon, a 5-axis gimbal system that is stable up to 240mm, and mountable on drones, bikes, or used handheld.

PolarPro Iris ND Filter for Smartphones

PolarPro Iris is a unique filter system for Iphone and Pixel smartphones, giving you swappable ND filters for shutter speed control. It also works with the DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal.

DJI Ronin-S Review

The DJI Ronin S gimbal doesn’t take any expertise to tune, balance, or use. It just works, with any DSLR, mirrorless, or cinema camera. Our full review.