PFY Voice On-Camera Microphone Review

The PFY Voice is a new compact on-camera shotgun microphone that looks a lot like the Rode VideoMicro, but offers more sensitivity and accessories for a smaller price.

MZed – Online Filmmaking School at a Discount

Sitting somewhere between free Youtube video tutorials and tuition for film school, MZed offers online filmmaking courses at a huge discount to what cinematography education would normally cost by traveling to workshops or purchasing online courses.

Davinci Resolve Tutorial Review

What's the best way to learn Davinci Resolve? Watching a tutorial? Reading a book? Or taking an online course? Adam Goldfine reviews MZed's Definitive Guide to Davinci Resolve.

Roland R-07 Audio Recorder Review: A Wireless Treat

The Roland R-07 portable audio recorder rises above most pocket recorders by introducing wireless control and remote headphone monitoring. It's like a pseudo wireless transmitter with a built-in microphone and external mic input.