Optimize Your Video Production with JVC GY-HC500U Handheld Connected Cam 1s in 4K

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JVC GY-HC500U Handheld Connected Cam 1″ 4K Professional Camcorder

JVC GY-HC500U represents a leap forward in handheld camcorders. It combines cutting-edge imaging technology and connectivity with the versatility of a handheld camera, making it the perfect choice for production professionals filming in a variety of situations. The camcorder is able to record in 4K resolution at up to 60fps with 10 bit 4:2:2 color and features an updated 20x Fujinon long lens with a remarkable range of 24-480mm. With its 1” CMOS image sensor and its powerful image processing engine, the GY-HC500U captures highly-detailed images with vibrant color.


The GY-HC500U is available in three different styles. The standard version is suited for operators who need to be mobile and need a camera that is lightweight and easy to use. It has a streamlined design with a detachable handle and a full-size Viewfinder, making it perfect for run-and-gun shooting. The camera also comes with an optional shoulder mount adapter and a shoulder pad for added comfort and stability. For those looking for added flexibility, the GY-HC500U is also available in an ENG variant, with a durable shoulder pad, an extended power capacity, and advanced connectivity.


The GY-HC500U is fully customizable. The camera can be configured with a variety of options such as long zoom lenses, external monitors, audio adaptors, recording media options and an extensive range of accessories. The camera has a variety of connections such as an HDMI port, SDI ports, LAN and a USB-C port, which makes it easy to connect to compatible devices. It also supports streaming protocols such as RTMP, RTSP/RTP, ONVIF and MovieStreamer Pro and it has an optional Wi-Fi adapter for wireless operation.


The JVC GY-HC500U Handheld Connected Cam 1″ 4K Professional Camcorder is a powerful and versatile camcorder. It offers a great combination of image quality, mobility, and connectivity, making it suitable for a wide range of production needs. With its variety of styles and configurations, it can be easily adapted to suit different production requirements.

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