OBSBOT Brings Big Features in a Tiny Package with 2 PTZ Webcam

OBSBOT Announces Powerful Tiny 2 PTZ Webcam

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OBSBOT Announces Powerful Tiny 2 PTZ Webcam

OBSBOT has launched the world’s smallest PTZ camera, the Tiny 2. This powerful camera has been made for livestreaming high-quality videos, making it perfect for podcasting, streaming, and video conferencing activities. It’s a small device that packs a lot of power and it’s taking the streaming world by storm.

The Tiny 2 has an impressive feature set. It is packed with features like 4K resolution, fast autofocus, a 2X digital zoom, and the ability to quickly stream multiple video sources. It also has an optional 5Gbps USB connection for 4K encoding and streaming. Most impressive of all, it has the ability to tilt, pan, and zoom using a smartphone or tablet.

The Tiny 2 is designed to be easy to use. It includes a user-friendly app that allows users to quickly set up, adjust, and operate the camera. It also has built-in streaming support, making it easy to start streaming right away. The app also allows users to control the camera’s motion, zoom, and focus, enabling them to create professional quality video content.

The Tiny 2 is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful tiny camera. It packs the features of a full sized PTZ camera into a smaller size and is the perfect solution for anyone looking to stream high-quality video without a large setup. With the advanced features, easy setup, and stunning video quality, it is no surprise why the Tiny 2 has become a popular choice for streamers, podcasters, and video conferencing users.

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