Nord Unveils the Grand 2: A New 88-Note Hammer Action Keyboard

Nord Announces New Grand 2 88-Note Hammer Action Keyboard

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Nord Announces New Grand 2 88-Note Hammer Action Keyboard

Enhanced Performance

Nord has just announced the release of the new Grand 2 88-note hammer action keyboard, designed for enhanced performance and a more dynamic playing experience.

Premium Feel

The new Grand 2 features an 88-note fully weighted hammer action keybed, providing a premium feel and response that mimics the touch and control of a traditional grand piano.

Versatile Sound Palette

With its versatile sound palette, the Grand 2 offers a wide range of high-quality acoustic and electric piano sounds, as well as a selection of vintage keyboard and synth sounds.

Seamless Integration

In addition to its impressive sound library, the Grand 2 is equipped with seamless integration capabilities, making it easy to connect to a computer or external devices for expanded creative possibilities.

Dynamic Control

Featuring dynamic control options and customizable settings, the Grand 2 provides musicians with an exceptional platform for expression and musical exploration.

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