NiSi Unveils New ATHENA PRIME Cinema Lenses: 18mm, 40mm, and 135mm

NiSi Reveals 18mm, 40mm, and 135mm ATHENA PRIME Cinema Lenses

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NiSi Reveals 18mm, 40mm, and 135mm ATHENA PRIME Cinema Lenses

NiSi has recently unveiled its latest line of cinema lenses, the 18mm, 40mm, and 135mm ATHENA PRIME. These lenses are designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional filmmakers, offering exceptional optical performance and robust build quality.

High-Quality Imaging

The ATHENA PRIME cinema lenses feature advanced optics that deliver high-resolution images with minimal distortion and aberrations. Cinematographers can expect sharp and detailed footage, even when shooting in challenging lighting conditions.

Wide Range of Focal Lengths

With the addition of the 18mm, 40mm, and 135mm lenses, the ATHENA PRIME series now offers a diverse selection of focal lengths to suit various shooting scenarios. From expansive wide-angle shots to tightly framed close-ups, these lenses provide filmmakers with creative flexibility.

Durable Construction

Constructed with durability in mind, the ATHENA PRIME cinema lenses are built to withstand the rigors of professional production environments. They feature rugged housing and weather-sealed design, ensuring reliable performance in challenging shooting conditions.

Smooth and Precise Focus Control

The ATHENA PRIME lenses are equipped with precise focus and aperture control mechanisms, allowing filmmakers to achieve smooth and accurate adjustments during shooting. This enables seamless focus pulls and precise control over depth of field.

Compatibility with Full-Frame Sensors

The ATHENA PRIME cinema lenses are designed to cover full-frame sensors, making them suitable for a wide range of digital cinema cameras. This ensures compatibility with the latest camera technology and future-proofs them for upcoming advancements.

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