Nikon Upgrades to Firmware V 4.0 with Z9 Release

Nikon Releases Firmware V 4.0 for Z9

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Nikon Releases Firmware V 4.0 for Z9

Nikon is pleased to announce the release of Firmware Version 4.0 for its full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z9. This update adds two major new features, allowing for faster shooting and smoother AF performance.

The new firmware provides support for RAW video output, enabling the user to record in 10-bit 4K resolution internally. This feature allows for smoother color grading and a more cinematic look.

The second feature updates the autofocus system, allowing the camera to detect and track your subjects more accurately. The autofocus now also takes advantage of its 8k-pixel metering system to measure and adjust exposure for a consistent look throughout your footage.

For photographers and videographers, this update will provide an improved overall experience, allowing them to capture better quality images and footage with their Z9. This update is free and can be downloaded directly from Nikon’s website.

With the advent of this new firmware, the Nikon Z9 is now even better suited to content creators at every level. From the hobbyist to the professional, Nikon’s latest version of the Z9 provides a reliable platform for capturing great images and videos.

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