Neumann Unveils Stunning Matte-Black Editions of Popular Broadcast Microphones

Neumann Announces Matte-Black Versions of Its BCM 104 and BCM 705 Broadcast Mics

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Neumann Announces Matte-Black Versions of Its BCM 104 and BCM 705 Broadcast Mics

Neumann, a leading manufacturer of studio microphones, has unveiled new matte-black versions of its popular BCM 104 and BCM 705 broadcast mics.

These new models provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, making them ideal for use in a variety of broadcasting and recording settings.

The BCM 104 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that offers a warm, clear sound and is designed for use in radio, broadcast, and voice-over applications.

With its matte-black finish, the BCM 104 not only sounds great but looks great as well, adding a stylish touch to any studio setup.

The BCM 705 is a dynamic microphone specifically tailored for the broadcast environment, featuring an integrated pop screen to minimize plosives and a hypercardioid directional pattern for superior off-axis rejection.

Now available in matte-black, the BCM 705 combines exceptional performance with a sophisticated appearance, making it a standout choice for on-air use.

Both the BCM 104 and BCM 705 matte-black models feature the renowned Neumann build quality and craftsmanship, ensuring reliable and consistent performance for professional broadcasters and recording engineers.

These new additions to the Neumann lineup offer broadcasters and audio professionals the opportunity to elevate their studio aesthetics while maintaining the exceptional sound quality for which Neumann is known.

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