Neumann Celebrates B&H’s 50th Anniversary with Special Limited-Edition U 87 Ai Microphone

Neumann Announces Limited-Edition U 87 Ai Microphone for B&H's 50th…

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Neumann Announces Limited-Edition U 87 Ai Microphone for B&H’s 50th Anniversary

Neumann is marking the 50th anniversary of their leading U 87 microphone with a limited-edition version. To celebrate B&H Photo Video’s 50th anniversary, Neumann has announced a limited-edition version of its U 87 Ai studio microphone. This classic microphone is a staple in studios all around the world and Neumann wanted to create a special version to celebrate this momentous milestone.

The limited-edition U 87 Ai features a classic matte-black finish with silver highlights. The microphone features Neumann’s signature U 87 sound combined with a modern look. It is crafted from stainless steel and finished in a classic matte-black finish, with silver highlights that honor the classic U 87 tone. The microphone also comes with a limited-edition B&H logo, as well as a special certificate of authenticity.

The U 87 Ai also includes a unique platinum plated capsule and gold-plated connectors. This microphone is designed to deliver unparalleled audio performance with its unique, platinum-plated capsule and gold-plated connectors. The microphone also includes Neumann’s unique headbasket design, which helps to reduce acoustic leakage and improve sound quality. It also boasts a high level of sensitivity, allowing it to capture even low-level sounds with amazing accuracy.

The U 87 Ai is the perfect microphone to commemorate this special milestone. This limited-edition microphone is a perfect way to commemorate this special milestone, and will surely be a coveted possession for audio engineers and musicians everywhere. The microphone is available now with free shipping at B&H Photo Video. If you’re looking for a special microphone to commemorate the 50th anniversary of B&H, this is definitely the one to get.

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